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At The Ōnin Group, our business is serving people and our spirit is entrepreneurial. We believe in saying, “What if” to innovate new and exciting ideas. You can dream big and achieve your goals at The Ōnin Group in a culture that is driven by values, not rules. We encourage our Ōninites to be inspired by the world around them and collaborate across – 
Creating Opportunity and Empowering PeopleAn Onin Staffing office celebrating being a Best Places to Work company.Our super creative Marketing TeamOnin it as the Grand Prize Winner for Best Places to Work!
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If you’re searching for a job or temp agency near you, you’re in the right place and looking at the best team in town. Teamwork is serious business around here, and our "Teammates Not Temps" philosophy is a key reason we offer workers better benefits and opportunities. Temp agencies get a bad wrap for a reason...they treat people like “temps.” If you ask us, calling someone a "temp" is dehumanizing — and downright rude. At Ōnin, we never call team members "temps". Instead, we refer to the talented members of our team as “Teammates,” and whether you work with us for a few days or a few years, you are a part of our team. Using the right words to describe our workers is important, but words must be backed by action. Treating people well, offering benefits that bring value to the lives of others, and approaching our business relationships with a heart of service is simply the right thing to do — so that is where we start. We hope you'll join our team.
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