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Together, all the way We're a global leader in container trade and logistics. And we're embarking on an industry-defining transformation that will change the way the world moves. It’s a big moment for all of us – and we all have our part to play. Are you ready? We welcome everyone to share in our values. They’re the basis for our legacy and our – 
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Our Vision

Integrating the world with integrated logistics Global logistics underpins development and growth. An endless choreography of goods and services, it supports our economies, our partnerships, our ways of life. But when the connections become weak, so does our ability to grow, and thrive, together. At Maersk, our vision is to transform the flow of the foods, goods, data and materials that sustain people, businesses and economies the world over. To enable the exchange of ideas, culture and trust for a truly integrated world where value is created for everyone. It's a mindset and a promise. It’s our commitment to connect and simplify global logistics so it works better for businesses, society and our planet. And it's what it takes to make that happen.

Core Values

Our company builds on an impressive heritage of pioneering success and growth. Our long legacy and our values guide our business every day and also ensure that we can do business tomorrow Living our values At Maersk, we have always explored new frontiers and embraced new technologies because we see change as an opportunity. The challenges we face today are of greater complexity than ever, but the opportunities they present are greater still. No matter the challenge, we stay optimistic and resilient because our values are constant. And by living our values, we inspire trust in our efforts to integrate the world. Constant care Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow. Whether solving today’s challenges or exploring opportunities to shape the future, we anticipate, innovate and strive to improve everything we do. Humbleness Listen, learn and share to create value for others. We stay curious, open-minded and respect other perspectives, always seeking to learn from each other, our customers, and the world around us. We only succeed together. Our employees The right environment for our people. Connected by real purpose, we create opportunities to grow, develop and exceed expectations. We win together as a diverse and global workplace where people feel safe, valued and empowered. Uprightness Our word is our bond. Every day, we earn the trust of our customers and partners. They can rely on us to keep our promises and do the right thing, even when it’s hard. We speak openly and honestly, and always act with integrity. Our name Everything we stand for. Our name is a promise and a commitment to trust and excellence. We are all ambassadors representing and safeguarding the Maersk name, striving for a more sustainable and integrated world.

Our Purpose

We are committed to sustainable growth Our purpose serves as the foundation and compass guiding our work towards a world where global trade distributes economic and social benefits, without negatively impacting individuals, communities or the environment. This is why sustainability is integrated into our purpose. Because real shared value can only be delivered through logistics solutions that are digitised, integrated, decarbonised and democratised – so that global trade is inclusive and sustainable, and the benefits are felt by as many people as possible.