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Executive monthly salaries in the Philippines at Cityneon

Job Title
Average salary
Php 15,649 per month
Below national average
Average Php 15,649
Low Php 7,800
High Php 24,000

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Reviews about Salary & Benefits for Executive in Cityneon


It's verys difficult if you are new commers you don't know how to start,no one can help you but your self,all the things is very stressed the target quotas should be accomplished unless you got to have an option.learning new things help a lot and not most of the time you can reach the target cost it's different in this area that is fareway to my other jobs.


Free of traveling in site or events


Free food if theirs a event
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Underpaid BUT Enjoyable Environment

I really enjoyed my time in here. But the only downside of this place is being underpaid. The management does not micromanage. But you will need to burn quite a fair bit of your weekends and your off in lieu isn't fairly reimburse.
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Avoid this company for your own sake

1. Unfavorable location. This company located at those industrial building which is difficult to access. Limited food court nearby. Those who only have legs, needs to walk in from the main road. 2. Unhealthy working environment Those who are in the same channel with 'them' will be safe in this company. Those who stands up to say and do the right thing, will be eliminated as soon as possible. For fresh graduate / those young executive who wants to join this company, watch out! Your rival is an old folks(note : cityneon is an old folks bungalow), and you won't be able to express nor elaborate your creative ideas as in they think they had experience enough than you. In the end, you will need to go back to the thing that they usually did. They won't accept innovation. 3. Irresponsible superiors/managers Irresponsible superior, no clear direction given, keep finding faults without any solution, went missing in action, slacking & do nothing and choose to wash their hands when issues are raised. Don't be surprised this is Cityneon's life. 4. Office POLITICS Poor HR and management. You'll need to mingle with those who so called high position fellow in order to climb your career depends on how lucky are you too. They will forever keep incapable people to sit in high position. Apparently they slept in the comfort zone for so long until can't see the reality and don't know how to take correct action. As long as themselves are safe, the rest are not their problem. 5. Poor teamwork Beware when during the interview they mentioned to you, we will do it together, hands in hands - 


There is no pros I found here.


Refer to my review.
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How much is the salary of an Executive at Cityneon in the Philippines?

Average Cityneon Executive monthly pay in the Philippines is approximately Php 15,649, which is 35% below the national average.

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