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About Bounty Fresh Food, Inc.

Established in 1993, Bounty Fresh Group of Companies is currently one of the leading and fastest growing broiler integrators in the Philippines. It is one of the biggest suppliers of value-added chicken products, fresh chilled chicken and table eggs to various hotels, restaurants, institutional food companies as well as supermarkets and live bird – 
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Seal of Excellence

Use of Technology in Operations Early in its existence, Bounty Fresh Group of Companies has set its vision to become the least-cost broiler producer in the Philippines and to become the dominant player in poultry and industry that will cater to the needs of the local and international market. The company realized that to achieve its goal of balancing growth with efficiency and least cost production, it has utilized state-of-the-art facilities that would meet international standards on quality, food safety and efficiency. Bounty Fresh is the first company in the Philippines that has invested on its own broiler farms at large scale- 2.5 million birds per batch; the first in South East Asia to put up solid wall, mini-ventilation system in cool cell houses; and the first in the Philippines to use air-handling units instead of evaporated coolers to control the temperature inside a commercial broiler hatchery. The company main processing plant in Pulilan, Bulacan has a capacity of 6,000 birds per hour, utilizing the latest technology which allows the company to supply its customer with safe, quality products along with the flexibility to offer value-added and specialty products to meet customer specifications. For its packaging, Bounty Fresh invested in using the latest tamper-evident packaging materials for packing whole chicken products as well as cut ups and marinated products.