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Registered nurse salary in Batangas City

How much does a Registered Nurse make in Batangas City?

Average base salary

as national average

The average salary for a registered nurse is ₱22,706 per month in Batangas City. 37 salaries reported, updated at December 2, 2023

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Top companies for Registered Nurses in Batangas City

  1. The Medical City - South Luzon
    21 reviews23 salaries reported
    ₱26,967per month
  2. ₱26,410per month
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Highest paying cities for Registered Nurses near Batangas City

  1. San Pedro
    ₱29,469 per month
    34 salaries reported
  2. Antipolo
    ₱28,940 per month
    27 salaries reported
  3. Biñan City
    ₱26,011 per month
    10 salaries reported
  1. Silang
    ₱25,588 per month
    32 salaries reported
  2. Santa Rosa City
    ₱25,296 per month
    65 salaries reported
  3. Cabuyao
    ₱23,168 per month
    14 salaries reported
  1. Cavite City
    ₱23,090 per month
    60 salaries reported
  2. Santo Tomas
    ₱22,902 per month
    15 salaries reported
  3. Calamba City
    ₱22,729 per month
    43 salaries reported
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Where can a Registered Nurse earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Batangas City?


Job openings

Average ₱21,558 per month

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