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Marketing assistant salary in Philippines

How much does a Marketing Assistant make in Philippines?

Average base salary


The average salary for a marketing assistant is ₱17,586 per month in Philippines. 2.3k salaries reported, updated at November 27, 2023

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Top companies for Marketing Assistants in Philippines

  1. GrowthAssistant
    27 reviews8 salaries reported
    ₱43,928per month
  2. ₱17,155per month
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Highest paying cities for Marketing Assistants near Philippines

  1. Muntinlupa
    ₱22,492 per month
    41 salaries reported
  2. Manila
    ₱21,902 per month
    266 salaries reported
  3. Taguig
    ₱21,451 per month
    109 salaries reported
  1. Pasay
    ₱19,419 per month
    59 salaries reported
  2. Parañaque
    ₱19,074 per month
    57 salaries reported
  3. Makati
    ₱18,878 per month
    307 salaries reported
  1. Mandaluyong
    ₱18,636 per month
    78 salaries reported
  2. San Juan
    ₱18,171 per month
    73 salaries reported
  3. Pasig
    ₱18,047 per month
    211 salaries reported
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Where can a Marketing Assistant earn more?

Compare salaries for Marketing Assistants in different locations
Explore Marketing Assistant openings
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How much do similar professions get paid in Philippines?

Social Media Specialist

Job openings

Average ₱23,186 per month

Sales and Marketing Manager

Job openings

Average ₱21,994 per month

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